• Edinburgh, week... Which week again?

    Hi friends !

     Oban Harbour


    Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness



    A new month went by and the lectures are now over. I started working since march 16th in a charity shop called Hospice of Hope for Romania, raising money for eastern-Europe people to offer access to paliative care and dignity.

    I keep roaming around, from Glencoe to Inverness, Perth or Glasgow... I saw the solar eclipse in march (90% from up here)... Went to Edinburgh zoo and saw the Pandas... To the Scottish Parliament and saw a debate... Oh and lately I went to see a rugby game between Glasgow and Cardiff (the later got crushed eheh...). I keep eating burgers and scotch pies, hoping for the sun to remember that winter is over and that we are allowed to rise over 10°C now. I mean, come on, I even brought a swimsuit. 






    However I'm having a few issues lately. First of all, my Charity Shop keeps forgetting (voluntarily?!) to fill the internship form. Since I still don't know if it will be accepted by the school, I can't book my flight back home. No to mention that I will be homeless on may 29. This is stressing me out.

    I also still have a paper to handout on april 22, and uh, I did not start it yet. That's not cool, it's on a very complicated subject - a research proposal about the behaviour of people concerning big issues in small places. Sounds unclear? Same here.

    And lastly, poor me wanted to dye my hair turquoise but apparently, it wont work unless I bleach my hair first. I don't want to. I'll have to give up my dreams to be a blue mermaid - I'll just go for red, meh.


    But let's go down to business to defeat the huns :



    Hmmm... This article is more about politics than geopolitics, because it's quite clear for anyone i think... Rich country, part of Europe, commonwealth and NATO, nuclear power, huge soft power because of culture, links with US, and language and rolling with Iraki war.

    The basics: Scotland is a country, but is part of the United Kingdom and politically depends for a consequent part of London. So basically, Scotland has two parliaments: London and Edinburgh, and two first ministers, aka Nicola Sturgeon (yes she's a woman, Scottish National Party - SNP) and David Cameron. I'm sure you are aware that the Queen has no word to say in politics matters, and the Prince - supposed to be the next king - is facing issues right now because of his habit to try to influence the government.

    Now I am sure you all are aware of the recent referendum, last september, about Scotland's independance. I won't spoil you either by saying that the No won. That was a close call, though, 55% to 45%, and it let an inheritance wich surprised everybody in the last elections...

    So whisle the UK has a conservative first minister, Scotland has historically been a labour fief, basically more from left and center-left. Scotland and England have opposite ideas on a lot of matters, and the coexistence of two government leads to some weirdness now and then. For exemple, the Scottish Parliament is free to act on some subjects, for example education, while others are reserved to the London Parliament ; but the Scottish electors still get the right to vote to the London parliament concerning this matter, even if it doesn't concern them! 

    On the 7 of May, a big election took place in the whole UK to elect the new London Parliament. The Tories (Conservatives) won, which was a surprise, and David Cameron was reelected. Meanwhile in Scotland... 56 of the 59 seats were taken by the SNP, with a huge defeat of the Labour party. The SNP is the party fighting for Scottish independance. England and Scotland have never been so opposed.

    What will happen next ?! Cameron wants a referendum about exiting Europe. Scotland is very widly against it. Sturgeon said she would never let that happen, and either put her veto to it - or get another referendum about independance.

    The bets are open on Scotland future... Good thing for me, if Scotland becomes independant, then Edinburgh will be a capital and a well known city from the employers ;)



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