• Edinburgh, Week 19

    Last article for you guys... I started writting this article on may 14th, and finally finished it today june 6th... Lot of things happened in such a short time, me living Edinburgh and finally going home... It's been 2 weeks now and i'm still not sure how I feel about it! Part of me feels like I never left, part of me still thinks in english - in the first few days I couldn't help but mixing english and french when I talked! And part of me miss the incredible city Edinburgh and my dear friends I made... 

    It will probably take some time before I realise that it is over.

    One sure thing, I never regretted my decision to come in Scotland, and I had an awesome time. Really. I think you can sense it through my photos, btw I am planning to create a huge photo-album.

    But let's stop being emotional!



    On this last article I will share with you the things that I enjoyed the most, from my trip on Skye Island to my stay on this awesome little charity shop on Tollcross ♥

    Just so you know, I have taken and kept around 2900 pictures since January (much more that I suppressed).

    Edinburgh, Week 19 * Edinburgh, Week 19
    aaah, beautiful view from Prince Street... (Phone Pics)

    ~ A random walk in Edinburgh to watch people and catch a ray of sunshine: Grassmarket, Victoria Street, North Bridge

    Edinburgh, Week 19 * Edinburgh, Week 19 * Edinburgh, Week 19

    ~ Beltane Fire Festival:
    Remember when I said naked people dancing in the night ? We froze. But I got a few nice pictures.

    Edinburgh, Week 19

    Edinburgh, Week 19 * Edinburgh, Week 19


    Edinburgh, Week 19

    Edinburgh, Week 19 * Edinburgh, Week 19



    ~ My charity shop: Hospices of Hope, Home Street.
    A very very sweet green little thing, with strange purple clients and lovely managers ♥ And look, it's even rated on the 5 best charity shops in Edinburgh! I'm very proud aww :D
    Top five charity shops 
    I spent two days per week during almost 3 months there, managing the till, pricing clothes and putting books in order... It's usually rather quiet, but there is always someone to talk to, and I was able to meet people I would have never had a chance to meet overwize. 

    Edinburgh, Week 19

    ~ So as you might have understood already, i went on a avdenture! Four girls, a tiny car, three days to discover Isle of Skye... No GPS used, much funnier with a good old map! Windy and rainy AF. Pints of beers and sandwiches for breakfast (eww).

    Edinburgh, Week 19 

    Edinburgh, Week 19


    I have much more pics but i'm afraid the website will crash if i put more...

    But let's not forget the beautifull Royal Botanical Gardens! Out of all the museum/parcs/zoo I visited they were my favorite. The Glasshouse is really really worth the ticket. 

    Edinburgh, Week 19 * Edinburgh, Week 19

    I got my results, I passed my three modules with merit, and an overall grade of 75%. Good job me! I'm very happy with myself, if I may say hahaha.


    Well, I have to leave you here now. Go to Edimburgh, meet different people, avoid the french (seriously), and most of all

    Eat well, travel often




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