• Edinburgh, Me, and a cow

    - This is an edit of a previous article -


    I'm Laureen Perroud, a 2nd year business student at ESDES, a french business school in Lyon.
    I'm going to spend my fourth semester - from january to may 2015 - in one of our partner universities in the UK:

    'Edinburgh Napier University'

    Edinburgh, Scotland.


    Yeah I know, sounds cool. I'll explain later what I actually do in it.
    So here's a few things about me, to make sure you plainly understand the situation:


    1) It's the first time I'm going to live abroad for more than 3 weeks

    2) It's also the first time I'm going to be away from my beloved family for more than 3 weeks

    3) I do not speak english very well, even if I am quite good at reading and understanding, and my accent is really awkward

    4) I choose to come at Napier. I know it's not usually my fellow student's first choice, but it's mine. 

    5) This results from me spending a few days in Edinburgh in 2012. Long story short, I fell in love with the city.


    Great, right? Well, all of this somewhat explains why I choose to ask for student's accomodation from Napier. Let me rephrase: in order to REALLY improve my english and taste the local culture, I choose not to stay with my colleagues from France, but to find at all costs an english speakers flat. Now you can probably imagine that when you ask for accomodation, especially in the middle of the academic year, you cannot chose your future flatmates, in fact you cannot even know who they are before you actually step into the common room. I thought I would eventually end up in an international flat.


    Little did I know that I would lend into a very crowded Scottish flat...


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